RESTinio Released!


We happy to announce a minor release of our HTTP/Websocket server library RESTinio

What's new:

  • Update cmake-scripts to stick with modern cmake practices. See details: CMake.
  • Port RESTinio to vcpkg. Simply install it with the following command:
        $ vcpkg install restinio
  • Modify various API functions to use ``string_view`` as parameters. This reduces memory allocations in plenty of cases.
  • Add ``restinio::opt_value()`` function. See details: Get values from RESTinio key-value containers.
    Before v. you had to write:
    const auto count = qp.has("count") ? restinio::optional_t<unsigned>(
        restinio::cast_to<unsigned>(qp["count"])) : restinio::optional_t<unsigned>{};
    Now it can be written like:
    const auto count = opt_value<unsigned>(qp,"count");

RESTinio is hosted on bitbucket (github mirror).

Archive is available in download section.

Documentation with helpful information is here.

If you miss something in RESTinio and want to see some new features let us know via