How it began?

Extensive experience in software development has led us to understanding of one simple thing: it is much easier to get the job done when you have the right tools for the task. This is particularly evident for C++ as a major language, because the role of complete, tested and well documented libraries is crucial.

Building your own library is time-consuming and not an easy thing, but nonetheless all developers want good libraries. We decided to focus on OpenSource tools for developers. That's what stiffstream is for.

Where we are now?

A list of our services has been extended with time. We not only develop OpenSource software now but also provide help for designing and supporting of complex software systems developed in C++.

But the most important thing hasn't changed: the pursuit to quality. It doesn't matter whether code is written for an our OpenSource product or it is written for our customer — the code will be written neatly, it will be tested carefully and it will be documented.