SObjectizer, so_5_extra and RESTino, are available via vcpkg and Conan now


Only SObjectizer and RESTinio were available via vcpkg earlier. Conan was not supported at all. But because these dependency management systems become more and more popular in C++ world we have done next step to simplify usage of our products.

Now our major products, SObjectizer, so_5_extra and RESTinio are available via vcpkg and Conan.

To use so_5_extra via vcpkg it is necessary to install so5extra package:

vckpg install so5extra

Then it is necessary to add the following lines in your CMakeLists.txt:

find_package(so5extra CONFIG REQUIRED)
find_package(sobjectizer CONFIG REQUIRED)
target_link_libraries(your_target sobjectizer::SharedLib) # or sobjectizer::StaticLib
target_link_libraries(your_target sobjectizer::so5extra)

We have created packages sobjectizer, so5extra and restinio for Conan. Some examples of usage of these packages can be found in the following repositories:

Conan's packages are marked as stiffstream/testing now. But it is because those are our first Conan packages and there can be some flaws in them.