RESTinio 0.4.1 Released!


We happy to announce a minor release of our HTTP/Websocket server library RESTinio 0.4.1.

What's new:

  • Support for Boost::ASIO. Since Boost::ASIO 1.66 has upgraded and now reflects to the latest stand-alone version we added integration with it, and are going to support it in future versions. For details refer to the following doc page.
  • Support Boost::Regex as regex engine for express-router.
  • Add accessors for request target structure elements: /path, ?request, #fragment. E.g. for the request target /weather/temperature?from=2018-01-01&to=2018-01-22#Celsius its elements would be /weather/temperature, from=2018-01-01&to=2018-01-22 and Celsius.
  • Change express-router matching logic. Only path part of the request target is the subject for matching route. E.g. on a request /weather/temperature?from=2018-01-01&to=2018-01-22 only the /weather/temperature part (path) is considered for route matching. Though this change goes in contradiction with original expressjs logic it feels more natural for us.

RESTinio is hosted on bitbucket (github mirror).

Archive is available in download section.

Documentation with helpful information is here.