Yes! We Can C++!

Our company is founded to provide an ability to our high qualified C++ programmers to do what they love: the development of complex and high performant software by using C++ language. So if you need a help from experienced C++ developers then you are at the right place!


2018.02.08 We have updated SObjectizer to version 5.5.21 and so_5_extra to version 1.0.4. Read more...

2018.01.29 We have updated RESTinio to version 0.4.1.

2018.01.17 We will give a talk on C++Russia 2018. Read more...

2017.12.27 We have updated RESTinio to version 0.4.

2017.12.13 We have updated SObjectizer to version 5.5.20 and so_5_extra to version 1.0.3. Read more...

What We Can Provide For You?

Custom Development

C++ is not as popular as it was in 1990s, but there are plenty of software systems developed in C++ which are still in the production. They require maintenance and further development. Moreover C++ still shines in several niches where high demands for performance and low resource consumption are applied. The success of development on C++ highly depends on the level of C++ programmers.

But where to find for qualified and experienced C++ developers?

In our company, for example. We have a rich experience in C++. We work carefully and efficiently. You can look into our OpenSource projects and see the quality by yourself. So if you want your products work correctly and reliable because of carefully written, well tested and documented code then you can order the development in our company.


C++ Consulting And Training


It is hard to find experienced C++ developers at present days. C++ is a complex language and requires a lot of time to master. Few programmers studied C++ during programming courses. And even those received a partial and old knowledge. Because of that very few people generally have an adequate understanding of the C++ language. Many teams require help in learning and using C++.

We can provide such help. Given your codebase we can study it and elaborate on the issues using С++. And then we can help you to solve these issues.

OpenSource Tools For C++ And Support For Them

We develop our own OpenSource tools for C++. Most of our OpenSource projects are licensed under BSD-3-CLAUSE license. We provide an ordinary support by using emails, bug-reports and feature-requests. But if you want to have guaranteed response time for the problems found or if you want to receive quick answers to your questions then you can bought a commercial support from us.


Our projects


SObjectizer is a framework which simplifies the development of multithreaded and concurrent applications in C++. Actor Model, Publish Subscribe, Communicating Sequential Processes — all of that becomes available in С++ code with SObjectizer.

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Cross-platforn and header-only library for creating REST API in C++. RESTinio features: allows to handle requests asynchronously, tracks operations' timeouts, logging for requests handling process, gives control over the context where the handlers are really handled.

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Header-only and C++14 library with a set of additional tools and extensions for SObjectizer: an integration with Asio, new mbox types and more...

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A header-only helper library for converting data between JSON representation and C++ structs inspired by Boost.Serialization approach.

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Implementation of timer wheel, timer list and timer heap. Create tens and even hundreds of millions single and/or periodic timer in a single process. Header-only and C++11.

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In C++ world there is no standard dependency management tool like Maven, RubyGems or Cargo in other languages, and each C++ team chooses its favorite tool or invents a new one. We've created our own, it is like CMake with ExternalProject_Add heavily used, but more friendly.

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