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We write C++ code that doesn't crash, doesn't leaks and works for years. We can do it. Our confidence is based on many years of experience in development of complex and performant software in C++.


2018.08.21 RESTinio 0.4.8 Released!

2018.07.12 RESTinio 0.4.7 Released!

2018.05.07 RESTinio Released!

2018.04.14 We have updated SObjectizer to version 5.5.22 and so_5_extra to version 1.1.0. Read more...

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What We Can Offer For You?

Custom Development


Have to create a new project in C++ but you have no talented C++ developers?

Left alone with the legacy C++ code, and you have no one to maintain it?

Do you want your code base to be carefully written, well tested and documented?

We can help you.
Working with us you strongly increase the chances to solve your task qualitatively, on time and within the budget.
Of course if your budget allows our participation.

OpenSource Tools For C++ And Support For Them

Do you search for OpenSource tools to simplify your development?


We have a bunch of practical tools created for solving practical tasks.

Take them, try them, use them, share your experience.

Usually we answer questions about our OpenSource projects within several working days. Dealing with bug-reports and feature-requests can take more time. If you want quicker and predictable reaction from us then you can buy a commercial support.

Our projects


SObjectizer is a framework which simplifies the development of multithreaded and concurrent applications in C++. Actor Model, Publish Subscribe, Communicating Sequential Processes — all of that becomes available in С++ code with SObjectizer.

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Cross-platforn and header-only library for creating REST API in C++. RESTinio features: allows to handle requests asynchronously, tracks operations' timeouts, logging for requests handling process, gives control over the context where the handlers are really handled.

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Header-only and C++14 library with a set of additional tools and extensions for SObjectizer: an integration with Asio, new mbox types and more...

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A header-only helper library for converting data between JSON representation and C++ structs inspired by Boost.Serialization approach.

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Implementation of timer wheel, timer list and timer heap. Create tens and even hundreds of millions single and/or periodic timer in a single process. Header-only and C++11.

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In C++ world there is no standard dependency management tool like Maven, RubyGems or Cargo in other languages, and each C++ team chooses its favorite tool or invents a new one. We've created our own, it is like CMake with ExternalProject_Add heavily used, but more friendly.

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