We do cool and nontrivial things in C++

Our Open-Source tools simplify, speed up and make development in C++ cheaper.

We are open for cooperation and you can use our experience and ability to do cool and non-trivial things in C++.

Our projects


SObjectizer is a framework which simplifies the development of multithreaded and concurrent applications in C++. Actor Model, Publish Subscribe, Communicating Sequential Processes — all of that becomes available in С++ code with SObjectizer.

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Cross-platforn and header-only library for creating REST API in C++. RESTinio features: allows to handle requests asynchronously, tracks operations' timeouts, logging for requests handling process, gives control over the context where the handlers are really handled.

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Header-only library with a set of additional tools and extensions for SObjectizer: an integration with Asio, new mbox types and more...

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A header-only helper library for converting data between JSON representation and C++ structs inspired by Boost.Serialization approach.

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Implementation of timer wheel, timer list and timer heap. Create tens and even hundreds of millions single and/or periodic timer in a single process. Header-only and C++11.

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In C++ world there is no standard dependency management tool like Maven, RubyGems or Cargo in other languages, and each C++ team chooses its favorite tool or invents a new one. We've created our own, it is like CMake with ExternalProject_Add heavily used, but more friendly.

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