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template<typename Lock_Type = std::mutex>
mbox_t make_mbox (environment_t &env)
 Create an implementation of round-robin mbox. More...

Function Documentation

◆ make_mbox()

template<typename Lock_Type = std::mutex>
mbox_t so_5::extra::mboxes::round_robin::make_mbox ( environment_t &  env)

Create an implementation of round-robin mbox.

Usage example:

so_5::environment_t & env = ...;
const so_5::mbox_t rrmbox = so_5::extra::mboxes::round_robin::make_mbox<>( env );
so_5::send< some_message >( rrmbox, ... );
Template Parameters
Lock_Typetype of lock to be used for thread safety.

Definition at line 408 of file round_robin.hpp.