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so_5::extra::disp::asio_one_thread Namespace Reference




struct  default_traits_t
 Default traits of asio_one_thread dispatcher. More...
class  disp_params_t
 Parameters for asio_one_thread dispatcher. More...
class  dispatcher_handle_t
 A handle for asio_one_thread dispatcher. More...


using io_context_shptr_t = std::shared_ptr< asio::io_context >
 An alias for shared-pointer to io_context object. More...


template<typename Traits = default_traits_t>
dispatcher_handle_t make_dispatcher (environment_t &env, const std::string_view data_sources_name_base, disp_params_t params)
 A function for creation an instance of asio_one_thread dispatcher. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ io_context_shptr_t

using so_5::extra::disp::asio_one_thread::io_context_shptr_t = typedef std::shared_ptr< asio::io_context >

An alias for shared-pointer to io_context object.


Definition at line 58 of file pub.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ make_dispatcher()

template<typename Traits = default_traits_t>
dispatcher_handle_t so_5::extra::disp::asio_one_thread::make_dispatcher ( environment_t &  env,
const std::string_view  data_sources_name_base,
disp_params_t  params 

A function for creation an instance of asio_one_thread dispatcher.

Usage examples:

// Dispatcher which uses own Asio IoContext and default traits.
namespace asio_disp = so_5::extra::disp::asio_one_thread;
asio_disp::disp_params_t params;
params.use_own_io_context(); // Asio IoContext object will be created here.
// This object will be accessible later via
// dispatcher_handle_t::io_context() method.
std::move(disp_params) );
// Dispatcher which uses external Asio IoContext and default traits.
asio::io_context & io_svc = ...;
namespace asio_disp = so_5::extra::disp::asio_one_thread;
asio_disp::disp_params_t params;
params.use_external_io_context( io_svc );
std::move(disp_params) );
Requirements for traits type
The Traits-type is empty in v.1.5.0. There was a possibitily to specify a custom thread type in previous versions of so_5_extra, but since v.1.5.0 custom threads are supported via standard SObjectizer's mechanism based on abstract_work_thread_t/abstract_work_thread_factory_t interfaces. But the Traits-type might be extended by some content in future versions.
Template Parameters
TraitsType with traits for a dispatcher. For the requirements for Traits type see the section "Requirements for traits type" above.
envSObjectizer environment to work in.
data_sources_name_baseShort name for this instance to be used in thread activity stats. Can be empty string. In this case name will be generated automatically.
paramsParameters for this dispatcher instance.
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Definition at line 893 of file pub.hpp.