RESTinio Documentation

What Is It?

RESTinio is a header-only C++ library that gives you an embedded HTTP(S)/Websocket server. It is based on standalone version of ASIO (but Boost.Asio is also supported) and targeted primarily for asynchronous processing of HTTP-requests.

A Very Basic Example Of RESTinio

Consider the task of writing a C++ application that must support some REST API, RESTinio represents our solution for that task. Currently it is in stable beta state. Lets see how it feels like in the simplest case:

#include <iostream>
#include <restinio/all.hpp>
int main()
.request_handler([](auto req) {
return req->create_response().set_body("Hello, World!").done();
return 0;

Server runs on the main thread, and respond to all requests with hello-world message. Of course you've got an access to the structure of a given HTTP request, so you can apply a complex logic for handling requests.



RESTinio is distributed under BSD-3-CLAUSE license.

How To Use It?

The full documentation for RESTinio can be found here.


Issues and bugs: Issue Tracker on GitHub.