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buffers.hpp File Reference
#include <memory>
#include <array>
#include <string>
#include <cstring>
#include <type_traits>
#include <restinio/asio_include.hpp>
#include <restinio/exception.hpp>
#include <restinio/sendfile.hpp>

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class  restinio::impl::writable_base_t
 A base class for writable items. More...
class  restinio::impl::buf_iface_t
 Internal interface for a trivial buffer-like entity. More...
class  restinio::impl::empty_buf_t
 Empty buffer entity. More...
class  restinio::impl::const_buf_t
 Buffer entity for const buffer. More...
class  restinio::impl::datasizeable_buf_t< Datasizeable >
 User defined datasizable object. More...
class  restinio::impl::shared_datasizeable_buf_t< Datasizeable >
 Buffer based on shared_ptr of data-sizeable entity. More...
struct  restinio::impl::sendfile_write_operation_t
 Send file operation wrapper. More...
struct  restinio::const_buffer_t
 Helper class for setting a constant buffer storage explicitly. More...
class  restinio::writable_item_t
 Class for storing the buffers used for streaming body (request/response). More...
class  restinio::write_group_t
 Group of writable items transported to the context of underlying connection as one solid piece. More...




using restinio::impl::string_buf_t = datasizeable_buf_t< std::string >
 An alias for a std::string instantiation of datasizeable_buf_t<D> template. More...
using restinio::writable_items_container_t = std::vector< writable_item_t >
using restinio::write_status_cb_t = std::function< void(const asio_ns::error_code &ec) >
 An alias for a callback to be invoked after the write operation of a particular group of "buffers". More...


enum  restinio::writable_item_type_t { restinio::writable_item_type_t::trivial_write_operation, restinio::writable_item_type_t::file_write_operation }
 Buffers write operation type. More...


Create const buffers.
constexpr const_buffer_t restinio::const_buffer (const void *str, std::size_t size) noexcept
const_buffer_t restinio::const_buffer (const char *str) noexcept


constexpr std::size_t restinio::impl::buffer_storage_align
constexpr std::size_t restinio::impl::needed_storage_max_size
 An of memory that is to be enough to hold any possible buffer entity. More...